A Clean Economy Starts With Renewable Energy

Working together with wind and solar developers and manufacturers to promote renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Why Renewable Energy?

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Why Renewable Energy?

Wind and solar are inexhaustible American energy resources that grow the economy and clean the environment. Affordable, predictable electricity generation from wind and solar provides essential cost savings and reliability services to power the 21st century U.S. economy. Further developing our renewable energy resources helps us all breathe easier by reducing toxic air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. The growth of renewable energy technologies in the Mid-Atlantic region has and will continue to be an economic development driver, bringing private investment and well-paying jobs to the region.


What is MAREC Action?

We are a coalition of utility-scale solar, wind, and battery storage developers, wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers, and public interest organizations dedicated to promoting the growth and development of renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our Work

MAREC Action offers expert guidance and advocacy on policy and regulatory issues, as well as a unified voice for the renewable energy industry. Our members value a voice and seat at the table in industry discussions. Our work covers a broad spectrum but we focus on the following:

Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy

MAREC Action advocates as a unified voice for utility-scale renewable energy member companies in front of state legislatures, agencies, and public service commissions.

Technical Expertise & Advice

Our expert staff and consultants supply regular organization-wide updates on the latest renewable energy policy developments from a unique multi-technology, regional perspective. We facilitate development of industry policy positions and work directly with our member companies on some of the thorniest issues facing the utility-scale renewable energy industry.

Public Education

America’s electricity supply is changing fast. MAREC Action serves as a valuable hub of information—focused on the regional PJM grid—for policymakers, media, and the public as they navigate the clean energy transition.

In the News and On the Blog

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Trenton, NJ—MAREC Action, an industry advocacy organization representing offshore wind, solar, and storage businesses active in the Mid-Atlantic region, issued the following statement following a decision by Ørsted to cease development of the Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean...